What is the difference between a stereogenic center and a chiral center?

The difference between stereocenter and chiral centre is that a stereocenter is any point of a molecule that can give a stereoisomer when two groups are interchanged at this point whereas a chiral centre is an atom in a molecule which can give an enantiomer when two groups at this centre are interchanged. Stereocenters are also known as stereogenic centres. If the stereocenter is a carbon atom, it can be either sp2 hybridized or sp3 hybridized. This means the stereocenter can have either double bonds or single bonds

Chiral compounds are the compounds containing chiral carbon atoms. It is important to note that the property of having chiral centres is known as chirality. Chiral centres cause the optical isomerism of compounds. the compound having the chiral centre and the molecule that resembles its mirror image are two different compounds. These two molecules together are known as enantiomers.

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