What is the utmost importance for controlling environmental pollution?

The utmost importance for controlling environmental pollution waste management. Waste must be separated and deposited in appropriate bins. Firstly, the waste has to be segregated into biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes.

Biodegradable waste

These are the wastes that come from our kitchen and it includes food remains, garden waste, etc. Biodegradable waste is also known as wet waste. This can be composted to obtain manure. Biodegradable wastes decompose themselves over a period of time depending on the material.

Non-biodegradable waste

These are the wastes which include old newspapers, broken glass pieces, plastics, etc. Non-biodegradable waste is known as dry waste. Dry wastes can be recycled and can be reused. Non-biodegradable wastes do not decompose by themselves and hence are major pollutants.

Recycling of Waste

Recycling waste product is very important as this process helps in processing waste or used products into useful or new products. Recycling helps in controlling air, water, and land pollution. It also uses less energy. There are a number of items that can be recycled like paper, plastic, glass, etc. Recycling helps in conserving natural resources and also helps in conserving energy. Recycling helps in protecting the environment as it helps in reducing air, water, and soil pollution.

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