What is the valency of sulphur?


  • Sulfur (S) is an element found in group 16. It is non-metal and is obtained as a byproduct after the production of natural gas.
  • In colour, it is bright yellow, and it has an extremely bad odour (like rotten eggs).
  • Outside the apparent physical characters of sulfur, humans have been consuming this element since a thousand years.

Use of sulfur

  • Sulfur is used as a fungicide and in black gunpowder for the vulcanisation of natural rubber.
  • Most sulfur is used in sulfuric acid manufacturing, which is probably the most important chemical produced by Western civilisations.
  • It is used for making car batteries, fertilizer, oil refining, water processing, and mineral extraction.
  • Other applications for sulfur-based chemicals include rubber vulcanization, bleaching paper, and product making such as cement, detergents, pesticides. And some gunpowder.

What is valency? What is the valency of sulfur?

An atom’s combining capacity is known as its valency. The valency of the element represents the number of bonds that an atom can form as part of a compound.

  • The electronic configuration of sulfur is (S) [Ne] 3s1 .
  • So in order to achieve stability, sulfur has to gain 2 electrons.
  • Therefore, the valency of sulphur is 2.
  • Few sulphur compounds such as so2, SO3, etc, have a valency of 6.

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