What is the work done by an electrochemical cell equal to?


Work done by an electrochemical cell is equal to the decrease in Gibbs energy

ΔGo = -nFEocell

Electrochemical cell

An electrochemical cell is a device that can generate electrical energy from the chemical reactions occurring in it, or use the electrical energy supplied to it to facilitate chemical reactions in it. These devices are capable of converting chemical energy into electrical energy, or vice versa.

Relationship Between Gibbs Free Energy and EMF of a Cell

In the case of galvanic cells, Gibbs energy change ΔG is related to the electrical work done by the cell.

ΔG = -nFE(cell)

Where, n = number of moles of electrons involved

F = the Faraday constant

E = emf of the cell

F=1 Faraday =96500 coulombs

If reactants and products are in their standard states,

ΔG°= –nFE°cell

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