What materials cause biomagnification?

When the presence of toxic substances is increasing in the environment or surroundings, it is called Biomagnification.

Materials that cause biomagnification

Pesticides: Different types of pesticides like DDT, polychlorinated biphenyls, the release of heavy metals like lead, mercury are responsible for Biomagnification. These chemicals are harmful to the organisms that are living in the water. Biomagnification can be prevented by avoiding toxic pesticides and maintaining eco-friendly nature by all means.

Organic Contaminants: Manures and biosolids are prepared industrially and contain contaminants like pharmaceuticals and personal care products.

Industries: The industries and factories discharge toxic substances that are released into the soil, lakes, oceans, and rivers. The gaseous emissions pollute the environment which enters into the food chain leading to biomagnification.

Mining Activities in the Ocean: In the deep sea to extract metal like zinc, aluminium, cobalt, silver and gold. The mining process produces a large amount of selenium and sulphide, which deposits in water and destroys the oceans and coastal regions.

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