What numbers can be used to fill the blanks? __ + __ + __ = 30.

There’s no solution if we got no brackets to insert. we can solve such questions only by using brackets as other contributors mentioned, “sum of 3 odd no.s can’t be even”. Sum of
3 odd numbers can’t be even.


Let k be any real number.
So, 2k+1 will be an odd number & 2k will be an even number.

Let n, m be some other random real numbers.

If we add 2k+1,2m+1,2n+1(all being odd numbers)
We get, 2k+2m+2n+3

We know that
2k,2m,2n are even numbers.

So, 2k+2m+2n is even and when you add an odd number to an even number we get an odd number.

Hence the solution is not possible.

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