What was the main intention behind the ‘Treaty of Vienna of 1815’?


The main intention behind drawing up the ‘Treaty of Vienna’ of 1815 was to undo all the changes that were implemented across Europe during the reign of Napoleon, create a new conservative order in Europe, and restore the monarchies which were overthrown by Napoleon.

Treaty of Vienna – 1815

This treaty was drawn up by the delegates of Prussia, Russia, Austria, and Britain – who had collectively defeated Napoleon. The Treaty of Vienna was drawn up by these delegates. Austrian Chancellor Duke Metternich was the host of the Congress.

  • France lost the territories which it had won during the Napoleonic wars.
  • The Bourbon dynasty was restored to power. This dynasty had lost its power after the French Revolution.
  • To prevent expansion of France in the future, a series of states were set up on the boundaries of France.
  • Genoa was added to the Piedmont to the South.
  • In the North, the Kingdom of Netherlands was set up which included Belgium.
  • New territories were added to the Western frontiers of Prussia.
  • Control of Northern Italy was handed over Austria.
  • The 39 states which made the German confederation, which was established by Napoleon, were left untouched.
  • A part of Saxony was given to Prussia.
  • A part of Poland was given to Russia.

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