What Weight Of HNO3 Is Required To Convert 62 gms P4 To H3Po4 In The Given Reaction? P4+HNO3=H3PO4+NO2+H2O.

Given balanced chemical reaction is:

P4 + 2OHNO3 → 4H3PO4 + 2O NO2 + 4H2O

The molecular weight of P4 = 124 amu.

The molecular weight of HNO3 = 63 amu.

From the balanced chemical equation, one mole of P4 reacts with 20 moles of HNO3.


124 gms of P4 reacts with 20 * 36 gms of HNO3.

\(\Rightarrow \)62 gms  of P4  reacts with \( \frac{63 \;* \;20\; * \;62}{124}\Rightarrow 630 \;gms\; of\; HNO_{3}\).

Thus the required weight of HNO3 to convert 62 gm of P4 to H3PO4 in the above-given reaction is 630 gms.

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