What is sexual reproduction?


Reproduction is the process of producing offsprings that are biologically or genetically similar to the parent organism.

Types of Reproduction
There are basically two types of reproduction:

  • Asexual Reproduction
  • Sexual Reproduction

In this article will read about sexual reproduction.

Sexual reproduction

The mode of reproduction in which two parents are involved in the production of a new generation is known as sexual reproduction. The reproduction is done by male and female gametes.

In plants, the stigma contains the male parts in which pollen grains are formed and the pistil consists of stigma, style and ovary which contains the female parts. Most of the plants reproduce sexually with the help of flowers and seeds.

Sexual reproduction in humans

All human beings undergo a sexual mode of reproduction. In this process, two parents are involved in producing a new individual. Offspring are produced by the fusion of gametes (sex cells) from each parent. The reproduction in human beings involves the fusion of male and female gametes produced in their reproductive system.

The reproductive system of the male has two major functions:

  • production of sperm
  • Delivery of these to the reproductive tract of the female.

Sperm production — spermatogenesis — takes place in the testes.

The responsibility of the female mammal for successful reproduction is considerably greater than that of the male. The functions are

  • Manufacture eggs
  • Be equipped to receive sperm from the male
  • Provide an environment conducive to fertilization and implantation.
  • Nourish the developing baby not only before birth but after.



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