When Grignard reagent reacts with ethanol which product is formed?

Grignard reagents are made through the addition of magnesium metal to alkyl or alkenyl halides. The halide can be Cl, Br, or I (not F). It’s slightly easier to make Grignards from the iodides and bromides, Grignard reagents are essentially the conjugate bases of alkanes, they’re also extremely strong bases.

One of the most common uses of Grignard reagents is in their reaction with aldehydes and ketones to form alcohols. In the first step, the Grignard forms the carbon-carbon bond. This results in an alkoxide (the conjugate base of an alcohol). Grignard reagents are very moisture sensitive and reacts very quickly if comes in contact of water,alcohol etc.It reacts with alcohol to give higher alkane

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