Where are genes located?

Genes are located on thread-like structures called chromosomes. These are present inside the nucleus

Genes are the units of heredity that are passed on from the parents to the offspring, they determine characteristics of the offspring. They are a distinct sequence of nucleotides that form a part of a chromosome. Genes are found present in almost every single cell’s nucleus and are composed of DNA strands. DNA is constituted by segments known as genes as its ingredients, wherein each gene adds a particular protein to the final outcome. Proteins are considered to build, regulate and maintain the body.

  • The term genome can be used to refer to the total complement of genes in a cell that can be stored in one or more chromosomes.
  • Chromosomes are composed of a single, lengthy DNA helix upon which plenty of genes are encoded.
  • The region of the chromosome at which a specific gene is located is known as a locus.

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