Where are sperm created? Where are they stored?

A man’s reproductive system is specifically designed to produce, store, and transport sperm.

The male reproductive organs are on both the interior and the exterior of the pelvic cavity. They include:

  • the testes
  • the duct system: epididymis and vas deferens (sperm duct)
  • the accessory glands: seminal vesicles and prostate gland
  • the penis

Sperm production occurs in the testicles. When they reach puberty, a man will produce millions of sperm cells every day, each measuring about 0.002 inches (0.05 millimeters) long. There are tubes present in the testicles called the seminiferous tubules which includes testosterone, the male sex hormone — cause to turn into sperm. The germ cells divide and change until they resemble tadpoles with a head and short tail. The tails push the sperm into a tube behind the testes called the epididymis. For about five weeks, the sperm travel through the epididymis, completing their development. Once out of the epididymis, the sperm move to the vas deferens.

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