Where can one find the fibrous root system?


All vascular plants have roots, which are the most significant underground component. This portion of the plant is primarily responsible for anchoring it to the soil and absorbing important mineral elements, nutrients, and water. It can also be used to keep food.

Types of Roots

Since all roots perform the same functions, their composition differs. As a result of these parameters, the root system is divided into two categories,

Taproot system

Taproots have a main central root upon which, small, lateral roots called root hairs are attached. Mustard, carrot, beetroot, parsley, china rose and all dicotyledons are examples of taproot systems.

Fibrous root system

Fibrous roots, on the other hand, are bushy roots in which thin, moderately branching roots grow from the stem. Rice, wheat, maize, marigold, banana and all monocotyledons are some examples of the fibrous root system.

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