Which alkene gives only acetone on ozonolysis?

Answer: 2,3 -Dimethyl-2-butene


Ozonolysis refers to the organic chemical reaction where ozone is employed to cleave the unsaturated bonds of alkenes, alkynes, and azo compounds (compounds with the functional diazenyl functional group). The reaction can be considered as an organic redox reaction.

Ozonolysis of 2,3 -Dimethyl-2-butene

The compound 2,3 -Dimethyl-2-butene is an alkene that undergoes reductive ozonolysis and forms acetone. The alkene is symmetrical.

\(\begin{array}{l}CH_{3}C(CH_{3})= C(CH_{3})CH_{3}+ O_{3} \overset{ozonolysis}{\rightarrow}(CH_{3})_{2}C=O\end{array} \)

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