Which alloy is used for welding?


Welding is a technique that uses high-temperature heat to connect materials such as metals. The base metal and the filler metal are connected after cooling. Welding joins materials with a high temperature, while soldering and brazing do not allow the base metal to melt.

Alloy used for welding of wire

Solder, an alloy of lead and tin has low melting point and is used for welding purpose.

  • A typical modern solder has 99.25 percent tin and 0.75 percent copper.
  • Old-Model solders contain a mixture of tin (50-70%), lead (30-50%), copper, antimony, and other metals.
  • Pb will result in a decrease in the liquidus point of the alloy until the eutectic point is reached. Pb is a very cheap metal and also reduces the overall cost of the alloy.


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