Which element acts as strong reducing agent?

The elements which readily lose the electron act as a strong reducing agent. Na is the strongest reducing agent, while Cl- is the weakest reducing agent.

Reducing agent

A substance that loses electrons to other substances in a redox reaction and gets oxidized to the higher valency state is called a reducing agent.

  • Reducing agents tend to give away electrons. The metals of the s- block in the periodic table are said to be good reducing agents.
  • All the good reducing agents have the atoms with low electronegativity and a good ability of an atom or a molecule to attract the bonding electrons and the species having minimal ionization energies.
  • Lithium is a chemical element with atomic number 3 and a symbol Li. It appears like a soft and silvery-white metal and belongs to the alkali metal group of the periodic table. It is said to be a strong reducing agent when placed in solutions.

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