Which feature is shared by both angiosperms and gymnosperms?


Seeds are present in both angiosperms and gymnosperms. Seeds are naked in gymnosperms and are covered in angiosperms.


Gymnosperms are a group of plants that produce seeds not enclosed within the ovary or fruit.

  • Gymnosperms are plants that, unlike angiosperms, do not have their ovules enclosed within the ovary wall.
  • It is exposed before, during, and after fertilization, as well as before it develops into a seed.
  • Gymnosperm stems can be either branched or unbranched. These plants thick cuticle, needle-like leaves, and sunken stomata help them conserve water.


Vascular plants with stems, roots, and leaves are known as angiosperms. The angiosperm seeds are found in a flower. These plants account for the vast majority of all plants on the planet. The seeds grow and form fruit within the plant organs. As a result, they are often referred to as flowering plants.

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