Which is better, online or offline classes?


This could be a subjective answer, because different people or students will have different opinions as almost all the current students would have experienced both online and offline classes.

Practically or objectively speaking, there are many many advantages associated with online classes which are listed below.

  • Students can clear their doubts at any point of time from any location. In offline classes it is one major drawback because to clear the doubts, students will have to physically travel to the location of the offline class in the given schedule and then clear the doubts. Whereas in the online classes, the doubts will be cleared instantly.
  • Students need not travel to attend classes if the classes are done online, this means students can save an immense amount of time which would have been wasted in traffic.
  • In online classes there are options for having many teachers, whereas in offline classes, students have to rely on a limited number of teachers.
  • Through online classes students can access the best teachers from any part of the country or world, sitting in the comforts of their home. Students need not shift to a different location or city to access the best of teachers if classes are held online.
  • There will be visual tools in online learning, which will help the students grasp even the most difficult topics.
  • There is an option of getting the classes recorded and revisit the teachings at any point of time through online classes. This gives the students a great deal of flexibility and freedom to study at their own pace and time.

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