Which is not a source of freshwater? (1) Glaciers and ice sheets (2) Groundwater (3) Surface runoff (4) Oceans

Answer: (4) Oceans

The water in the oceans is saline and not fresh. The water in the ocean collects all the salt and minerals from all the rivers that flow into it. Throughout the world, rivers carry an estimated four billion tons of dissolved salts to the ocean annually. Ocean water contains a lot of salts dissolved in it, so ocean water is very salty. The ocean is not a freshwater habitat.

Sources of freshwater

  • The sources of water are  Lakes, Rains, Ponds, Wells and Glaciers.
  • Freshwater is vital for life, supporting ecosystems and human civilizations.
  • We use freshwater in many aspects of daily life, including food production, power generation etc.

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