Answer: Strong nuclear force 

In nature, there are four universal or fundamental forces. Without these forces, all matter in the world will fall apart. Any pull or push that causes an object to change its physical state is referred to as force.

Four fundamental forces

The four fundamental forces of nature are as follows:

  • Gravitational force
  • Electromagnetic force
  • Strong nuclear force
  • Weak nuclear force

Strong Nuclear Forces

Nuclear forces are the most strong and attractive force of the four fundamental forces. Electromagnetism binds matter together, but no one knows how the nucleus in the atom is held together. If only electromagnetism and gravity are taken into account, the nucleus can go off in various directions. But it doesn’t, implying that there exists another force within the nucleus which is stronger than the gravitational force and electromagnetic force. This is where nuclear forces come into play. Strong nuclear forces are responsible for holding the nuclei of atoms together.

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