Which lens has a virtual focus?


The concave lens has a virtual focus.

Concave lens

  • A concave lens is a type of lens that diverges a straight light beam from the source into a diminished, upright, virtual image.
  • It has the ability to create both real and virtual images.
  • At least one inside surface of concave lenses is curved.
  • A concave lens is also known as a diverging lens because they are shaped round inwards at the center and bulges outwards through the edges, allowing light to diverge on it.
  • They’re used to treating myopia because they make faraway items appear smaller than they are.

Concave lens image formation

  • A virtual image is created at the focus when an object is positioned at infinity. The image is a smaller than the actual object.
  • A virtual image is created between the pole and the focus of the convex lens when an object is positioned at a finite distance from the lens. The image is smaller than the object.

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