Which letter is used for denoting van't Hoff factor?

Van’t Hoff factor is denoted by the letter ‘i‘.

Van ‘t Hoff factor

The Van ‘t Hoff factor is the ratio between the actual concentration of particles produced when the substance is dissolved and the concentration of a substance as calculated from its mass. For example, the Van’t Hoff factor of CaCl2 is ideally 3 since it dissociates into one Ca2+ ion and two Cl ions. However, some of these ions associate with each other in the solution, leading to a decrease in the total number of particles in the solution.

  • As the solute concentration increases, the van’t Hoff factor decreases.
  • The van’t Hoff factor is, therefore, a measure of a deviation from ideal behaviour.
  • The lower the van ’t Hoff factor, the greater the deviation.

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