Which of the following displaces oxygen from water?F2, Cl2, Br2, I2

F2 is a very strong oxidising agent due to which it displaces oxygen from water.

Fluorine as a strong oxidising agent

When a halogen has low energy of dissociation, a high electron affinity, and higher hydration of its ion, it will have high oxidizing power.

  • Fluorine has although low electron affinity than Chlorine but low dissociation energy and have high hydration energy of its ion, therefore Fluorine is the strongest oxidizing agent.
  • Fluorine is more electronegative therefore it can attract a shared pair of an electron more easily and strongly than other halogens.
  • Fluorine is the best oxidising agent because it has a higher reduction potential (more ability to lose the electrons).
  • The tendency of losing electrons assigned to Flourine is due to its more electronegativity of it.

Hence fluorine acts as a strong oxidising agent.

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