Which of the following double displacement reaction? (a)Pb+ CuCl2 → PbCl2 + Cu (b) H2 + Cl2 → 2HCl (c) BaCl2 + k2SO4 → BaSO4 +2KCl

Option (c) is the correct answer

Those reactions in which two compounds react by an exchange of ions to form two new compounds are called double displacement reactions. In double replacement reactions, the positive ions exchange negative ion partners. A double replacement reaction is represented by the general equation.

AB + CD → AD + CB

In a double displacement reaction, atoms from two different compounds switch places. The reactants are two compounds and the products are two different compounds. Double displacement reactions can also be called double replacement reactions.

Among the given reactions, option (c) is the correct answer

BaCl2 + k2SO4 → BaSO4 +2KCl

Both Ba and K replace each other and form new compounds.

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