Which of the following has the highest nucleophilicity? A.F− B.OH− C.CH3− D.NH2−

Electrophiles are normally positively charged, whereas nucleophiles are negatively charged and may include a lone pair or neutral electrons, hence nucleophiles are electron deficient and electrophiles are electron rich. Let us now turn our attention to our question. We all know that electrophilicity and nucleophilicity are diametrically opposed personality qualities. The more nucleophilic a chemical is, the less electrophilic it is, and vice versa. We will be able to answer the question using this notion.

We can clearly see that CH3 has an abundance of electrons, or is electron rich. As a result, it is the most nucleophilic of the four options. After that, there’s NH2, which still has some electrons to give away. It is followed by OH and F, in that order.


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