Which of the following is an incorrect statement about excretion? (a) Excretion takes place in plants. (b) Excretion takes place both in plants and animals. (c) Excretion is the process of getting rid of excess water only. (d) Secretion is one method of excretion.

c) Excretion is the process of getting rid of excess water only.


The human excretory system organs include:

  • A pair of kidneys
  • A pair of ureters
  • A urinary bladder
  • A urethra

Excretion is the process where all the metabolic wastes are removed from the body. Excretion in humans is carried through different body parts and internal organs in a series of processes.

  • Blood contains both useful and harmful substances. Hence, we have kidneys which separate useful substances by reabsorption and toxic substances by producing urine.
  • Kidney has a structural filtration unit called nephron where the blood is filtered. Each kidney contains a million nephrons.
  • Capillaries of kidneys filter the blood and the essential substances like glucose, amino acids, salts, and the required amount of water get reabsorbed and the blood goes into circulation.
  • Excess water and nitrogenous waste in humans are converted to urine.
  • Urine thus produced is passed to the urinary bladder via the ureters.
  • The urinary bladder is under the control of the Central Nervous System.
  • The brain signals the urinary bladder to contract and through the urinary opening called the urethra, we excrete the urine.

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