Which of the following is most appropriate for aerobic respiration? (a) Glucose-Mitochondria - Pyruvate - Cytoplasm- CO, + H2O + Energy (b) Glucose - Cytoplasm - Pyruvate -Mitochondria- CO, + H2O + Energy (c) Glucose - Cytoplasm, -> Pyruvate + Energy - Mitochondria-CO2 + H2O (d) Glucose - Cytoplasm Pyruvate + Energy- Mitochondria → CO2 + H2O + Energy

In aerobic respiration, Glucose is broken down to two molecules of 3C Pyruvate in the cytoplasm. The pyruvate is then oxidized in presence of O2 to release Energy. Co2 and H2O are formed as by products.

Option d) is correct

Glucose – Cytoplasm Pyruvate – Energy – Mitochondria → CO2+ H2O+ Energy.

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