Which of the following ray diagrams is correct for the ray of light incident on a concave mirror as shown in Figure? (a) Fig. A (b) Fig. B (c) Fig. C (d) Fig. D

Answer: (d) Fig. D

In the case of a concave mirror, an incident ray is parallel to the principal axis passes through F after reflection.

Concave mirror

  • Concave means rounded or hollowed like the interior of a circle or sphere
  • Also called a converging mirror.
  • In concave mirrors, the centre of curvature and the reflecting surface fall on the same side of the mirror.
  • The focus lies in front of the mirror i.e. focal length, is positive.
  • The image formed by a concave mirror is real, inverted and enlarged
  • They are used in reflecting telescopes, shaving mirrors, torchlights, etc. as they give a magnified image of the objects.

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