Which one is a fundamental unit? i) Coulomb ii) Seconds iii) Joule iv) Volt

The second is a fundamental unit. The rest are derived units

Fundamental units

  • Fundamental units are all those units that are independent of any other unit (including themselves).
  • Fundamental units cannot be further reduced to the elementary level; these are elementary units.
  • Fundamental units cannot be expressed in terms of derived units.
  • Only seven fundamental units exist in Metric System or SI system.

Derived units

  • Derived units are all those obtained by multiplying and/or dividing one or more fundamental units with or without introducing any other numerical factor.
  • Derived units can be reduced to their elementary level, which is composed of fundamental units.
  • Derived units can be expressed in terms of fundamental units.
  • There exist numerous derived units in the Metric System.

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