Which one is the non-renewable source of energy?

A) Solar energy
B) Biomass
C) Natural gas
D) Wind energy

The correct option is C) Natural gas.

Renewable energy is also known as clean energy which is obtained from natural sources and can be replenished.

Solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectric power, biomass energy, geothermal energy, and tidal energy are examples of renewable sources of energy.

Difference between renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy:

Renewable sources of energy Non-renewable sources of energy
Renewable source of energy are the natural resources which get replenished from time to time. Non-renewable source of energy are obtained from the earth’s crust and once used they disappear.
These resources do not cause any pollution. These resources cause pollution.
Solar energy and wind energy are examples of renewable sources of energy. Fossil fuels and natural gas are examples of non-renewable sources of energy.

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