Which one of the following is not associated with reproduction? (a) A new leaf coming out of a tree branch. (b) A dog giving birth to a puppy. (c) A seed growing into a plant. (d) Chick hatching from an egg.

a) A new leaf coming out of a tree branch


A new leaf coming out of the branch is growth and not reproduction as it does not give rise to a new plant but is a part of the plant.The reproductive parts of plants are flowers, Stamen being male reproductive part and pistil being the female reproductive part. If one of these reproductive parts are present in a flower, it is said to be a unisexual flower. Example: papaya. If both Stamen and Pistil are present in flowers they are called bisexual flowers. Example: rose.


A zygote is formed as a result of the fusion of gametes which later develops into the embryo. Fruits and seeds are formed post-fertilization. Ripened ovary goes on to become a fruit. Ovules give rise to seeds which contain the embryo in a protective covering.

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