Which one of these is not a eukaryote? (a) Euglena (b) Anabaena (c) Spirogyra (d) Agaricus

Among the given choices option (b) Anabaena is not a eukaryote.


A eukaryote is an organism that has membrane-bound organelles and its genetic material is housed inside the nucleus.  Eukaryotic cells have a nucleus enclosed within the nuclear membrane and form large and complex organisms. Protozoa, fungi, plants, and animals all have eukaryotic cells. They are classified under the kingdom Eukaryota.

Characteristics of Eukaryotes

  • Eukaryotes can be found as both unicellular and multi-cellular organisms
  • Eukaryotes have a true nucleus
  • The size of Eukaryotic cells ranges from 10 μm – 100 μm in diameter


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