Which postulate of Dalton's atomic theory is the result of the law of conservation of mass?


The postulate of Dalton’s atomic theory resulting from the law of conservation of mass is ‘The relative number and kinds of atoms are constant in a given compound. Atoms cannot be created nor destroyed in a chemical reaction’.

Postulates of Dalton’s atomic theory

  1. The matter is made up of indivisible particles known as atoms.
  2. The properties of all the atoms of a given element are the same, including mass. This can also be stated as all the atoms of an element have identical mass while different elements have different masses.
  3. Atoms of different elements combine in fixed ratios to form compounds.
  4. Atoms are neither created nor destroyed. This implies that during chemical reactions, no atoms are created nor destroyed.
  5. The formation of new products (compounds) results from the rearrangement of existing atoms (reactants).
  6. Atoms of an element are identical in mass, size and many other chemical or physical properties. Still, atoms of two-different elements differ in mass, size, and many other chemical or physical properties.

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