Which reptile is characterized by the presence of four-chambered heart?

The crocodile is the reptile that is characterized by the presence of a four-chambered heart.


Characteristics of Reptiles

  • Reptiles are a class of vertebrates made up mostly of snakes, turtles, lizards, and crocodilians.
  • Instead of possessing gills like fish or amphibians, reptiles have lungs for breathing.
  • Reptiles Are Four-Legged Vertebrate Animals.
  • The Skin of Reptiles Is Covered With Scales
  • Their metabolism depends on the temperature of their environment.
  • Reptiles Are Oviparous (Egg Laying)
  • Reptiles have several bones in the lower jaw, only one of which, the dentary, bears teeth.
  • Almost all reptiles and amphibians have three-chambered heart, except crocodile.

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