Which tissue makes up the husk of coconut?


Sclerenchyma tissue makes up the husk of the coconut.


Sclerenchymatous tissue makes up the husks of coconuts. Nuts and fruits are protected from the elements by thick-walled, usually lignified cells. It is also known as the plant’s supporting tissues since it provides mechanical strength and stiffness to the plant.
  • It is a dead, simple-permanent ground tissue.
  • During the plant’s initial growth cycle, the sclerenchyma cells persist as the living cells and resemble spiral or ring patterns.
  • Sclerenchyma refers to a dead tissue because of its dead, degenerated or functionless inner protoplast.
  • The cell-wall type, rigidity, shape, size etc., of sclerenchyma will vary according to different plant types.
  • Mechanical and conductive sclerenchymatous tissues are two common types based on function.

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