which transition element shows highest oxidation state


Manganese is the 3d series transition element that shows the highest oxidation state. The electronic configuration of Manganese is

Mn(25) = [Ar} 3d5 4s2

  • Manganese has the highest oxidation state because the number of unpaired electrons in the outermost shell is more, i.e. 3d5 4s2.
  • If we consider all the transition metals the highest oxidation state is eight and the element which shows +8 oxidation state are Ruthenium (Ru) and Os(Osmium).

Oxidation states of transition elements

All the transition elements, aside from the first and last individuals from the series, display various oxidation states. They indicate variable valency in their compounds. The valence electrons of the transition elements are in (n-1) d and ns orbitals which have a little distinction in energies. Both energy levels can be utilized as a part of bond development. They demonstrate the +2 oxidation state because of the 2 electrons in ns orbitals when the (n-1) d stay unaffected. Iron demonstrates the normal oxidation condition of + 2 and + 3, ruthenium and osmium in a similar group shape compounds in the +4, + 6 and + 8 oxidation states.

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