Which type of hybridization is found in ethyne molecule?


Ethyne molecule is sp hybridized since it has one sigma and two carbon-carbon pi bonds.

Hybridization of Ethyne

  • The electronic configuration of carbon in its ground state it will be represented as 1s2s2 2p2.
  • When it gets into an excited state, one of the electron from 2s orbital will move or jump to the 2pz orbital and the electronic configuration will change to 1s2 2s2px12py1 2pz1.
  • Since the CH molecule has one hydrogen atom, the 2s1 and 2pz1 orbitals become hybridised.
  • It results in the formation of 4 sp hybridized orbitals wherein each CH molecule will form 2 hybridized sp orbitals.
  • During hybridization, C-C sigma bond is formed when one sp orbital overlaps from each of the carbons and two C-H bonds are created when the second sp orbital on each carbon overlaps with 1s orbital of hydrogen. In this, the carbon atom will have two half-filled 2p orbitals.
  •  These two pairs of p orbitals do not participate in the hybridization and instead form two pi bonds resulting in the creation of a triple bond.

Hybridization of Ethyne

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