Who introduced the binomial system of nomenclature?

Carolus Linnaeus introduced the binomial nomenclature system for naming organisms scientifically.

Binomial nomenclature

Binomial nomenclature is the biological system of naming organisms. The name is composed of two terms, where the first term indicates the genus and the second term indicates the species of the organism.

All living species, including plants, animals, birds, and some microbes, have their own scientific names. E.g.,

  • The scientific name of the tiger is presented as Panthera tigris. ‘Panthera’ represents the genus, and ‘Tigris’ represents a particular species or specific epithet.

Rules of binomial nomenclature

  1. All the scientific names of organisms are usually Latin. Hence, they are written in italics.
  2. There exist two parts of a name. The first word identifies the genus, and the second word identifies the species.
  3. When the names are handwritten, they are underlined or italicized if typed. This is done to specify its Latin origin.
  4. The name of the genus starts with a capital letter, and the name of the species starts with a small letter.

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