Who is regarded as the Father of Biology?

Aristotle is known as the Father of Biology.

Aristotle (384- 322 B.C.)

  • Aristotle was born in 384 BC.
  • In the 4th century BC, Aristotle travelled to Lesvos filled with wildlife.
  • Aristotle is known as the Father of Biology. He widely studied the natural world and examined its origins using scientific insights and systematic observations rather than connecting it to divine interference.
  • Aristotle’s biology theory outlines five major biological processes: temperature, metabolism, regulation, inheritance, embryogenesis and information processing.
  • He was also the first to uncover the relationship between animals and establish a system of classification. Aristotle expressed his views on various aspects of animal and plant life. 

In the table below, the Father of many branches of biology is discussed.

Subject Father
Father of Biology Aristotle
Father of Zoology Aristotle
Father of Botany Theophrastus
Father of Vaccination/ Father of immunology Edward Jenner
Father of Anatomy Herophilus
Father of Mutation theory Hugo De Vries
Father of Western Medicine/Modern Medicine Hippocrates
Father of Homeopathy Heinemann
Father of Blood Circulation William Harvey

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