Who was Kalhana?


Kalhana was a famous Sanskrit poet. Kalhana was the author of the famous Rajatarangini.

  • Kalhana was a Kashmiri Hindu.
  • He was born in the family of Chanpaka, a Kashmiri minister who served King Harsa of the Lohara Dynasty.
  • Rajatarangini is a historical chronicle and metrical legend, particularly of the Kings of Kashmir.
  • To write his account, Kalhana used different sources such as earlier histories, accounts of the eye witnesses, documents, and inscriptions.
  • It was written in 12th Century C.E.
  • Rajatarangini was written in Sanskrit.
  • There are 7826 verses in Rajatarangini.
  • This is divided into 8 books called Tarangas (Waves).

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