Why Aniline is insoluble in water?

Aniline is insoluble in water because of the large hydrocarbon part that retards the formation of an H-bond. So it is insoluble in water.

Aniline and its properties

Anilines are the organic compounds in the class of group coming in organic chemistry, which are also called amino benzene or phenylamine. The aniline compounds are said to have the formula C6H5NH2, wherein the amino group is supposed to be attached to the Phenyl group. Aniline is a yellowish and somewhat brownish oily liquid having a musty and a fishy odour. It smells like the odour of a rotten fish.

  • Aniline has a boiling of about 184 oC and melting of about -6 o
  • The compound is slightly soluble in water and sometimes freely soluble in the chemicals such as alcohol and ether.
  • The compound is toxic when it gets inhaled through the air or gets absorbed into the skin as it produces nitrogen oxides that are harmful to the environment.
  • It is used as a dyeing agent in the manufacture of clothes such as jeans, etc.

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