Why Apple and Cashew are not Called True Fruits?

As we all are aware of, fruits are produced only by flowering plants or angiosperms.

The production of fruits from a flower is carried out by a series of process, including the pollination, fertilization, formation of the zygote, and the ovary begins developing into a fruit. There are two different types of fruits

True fruits

The true fruit can be defined as the fruit, which is formed from the fertilized ovary of the flower.


Watermelon, lemon, cherry, blueberries are all examples of true fruits.

False Fruits

The false fruits can be defined as the fruit, which is formed from the ripened ovary along with some other parts of the flower like the base or receptacle, the perianth etc.


Apple, banana, cashews, strawberry, are all examples of false fruits.

This is the reason why apples and cashews are called false fruits and not a true fruit. Because these false fruits are formed the ovary along with other accessory floral parts

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