Why do frying pans have a thick base?


A thick base pan has higher mass hence higher heat capacity. A substance with large heat capacity absorbs a large amount of heat for a small rise in temperature. Due to its large heat capacity it will provide the food a larger amount of heat at a lower temperature. This in turn makes sure that the food is cooked well without getting burnt.

  • Due to thermal conductivity and thermal mass, thicker pans will have greater heat distribution and heat retention.
  • Currently, a range of methods are used to heat pots, pans, and skillets on stoves, namely gas fires, coiled electric heating elements, halogen lamps, and induced electric currents.
  • The frying-pan does not always sit uniformly on the cooking surface, and the hot surface may only come into contact with small parts of the frying-pan.
  • As a result, the temperature of the pan’s bottom will vary widely.

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