Why do we need a Parliament?


We need a Parliament for the reasons given below:

  • The ultimate authority for making laws in any country is the Parliament.
  • Across the globe, Parliament in any nation has the powers to abolish an existing law, replace the old abolished law with a new law, amend the existing laws, and create new laws.
  • Across the countries in the world, Parliament has some kind of control over those who run the Government. In countries like India, the Parliament has direct and full control. 
  • As long as there is support of the Parliament, the Government can take decisions and run the country.
  • In most of the countries, only if the Parliament sanctions it, the Government will have the power to spend the public money.
  • All the money that the Governments have is controlled by the Parliament.
  • Parliament can seek any information from the Government.
  • Parliament is the highest forum for debate and discussion on national issues, public issues in any country.

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