Why is solubility of haloalkanes in water is very how although they are polar in nature.

These polar molecules are known as halo alkanes. Water is a polar molecule as well. Halo alkanes should dissolve in water if like dissolves like is followed correctly. The solubility of haloalkanes, on the other hand, differs; they have a poor water solubility. The energy and intermolecular attractions are the reasons for this.

We must first break connections between haloalkane molecules bound together by Vander Waals forces and dipole – dipole interactions before we can dissolve them in water. Water’s hydrogen bonds must also be shattered. Both of these bond breaks need a significant amount of energy.

  • When bonds between haloalkanes and water molecules occur, however, energy is released.
  • The energy released is less than that necessary to break the connection.
  • As a result, freshly created dispersion forces and the dipole – dipole link between haloalkanes and water cannot resist that energy.
  • Therefore, haloalkanes solubility for energetics is poor, and they have a low solubility in water.

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