Why is the cell called structural and functional unit of life?


A cell is the smallest, basic unit of life responsible for all of life’s processes. Cells are the structural, functional, and biological units of all living beings. A cell can replicate itself independently. Hence, they are known as the building blocks of life.

The functional unit of life

The cell is our most essential body forming unit. Each organ in our body is made of cells. Cells divide and multiply to form new organs and gametes too. Due to the below-mentioned reasons, the cell is called a functional unit of life.

  • The cell is called the structural and functional unit of life as all living organisms are made up of cells.
  • Cells are also essential for performing various life processes required for sustaining life.
  • Furthermore, cells provide form and structure, process nutrients and convert them into useable energy.
  • Multicellular organisms have specialized cells that perform specific functions.


  • The blood contains RBC, and this cell is primarily tasked with transporting oxygen and carbon dioxide.
  • A specialised cell is the photoreceptor cell found in the eye. This type of cell is tasked with converting light into signals capable of influencing biological processes.

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