Why is the direction of the wind from sea to the land during the day?

During the day time in coastal regions, the air above the land gets heated faster and starts rising. As this hot air rises up, a region of low pressure is created at the surface and air over the sea moves in to this area of low pressure. Hence, the direction of the wind is from the sea to the land during the day.

The sea breeze and land breeze

Sea and Land Breezes describe the wind that blows onshore from sea to land during the day and blows offshore in the evening.

  • The land breeze blows during the night from land to sea and the land becomes cooler faster than the sea. The air above the sea becomes less dense (i.e. warmer) and rises.
  • The cooler air from the land moves in to take its place.
  • The sea breeze blows during the day and the land heats up faster than the sea.

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