Why mountaineers carry oxygen cylinders with them?

Mountaineers carry an oxygen cylinder along with them. They carry the cylinders due to the following reasons

  • It is because when they climb mountains, as altitude increases, the amount of oxygen level in the atmospheric air decreases as trees are not found at higher altitudes.
  • The air pressure gets lower as the altitude increases.
  • At the top of the mountain, the air pressure is too low that it is insufficient for oxygen to selectively permeate into the blood.

Hence, mountaineers tend to carry pressurized oxygen cylinders on high mountains.

Hypoxia at the mountains

Due to low air pressure, mountaineers sometimes suffer from dizziness. It can also lead to hypoxia. (Hypoxia is a condition wherein a region of the body is deprived of a sufficient supply of oxygen at the tissue level. Hence, to avoid such issues arising due to insufficient oxygen, mountaineers carry oxygen cylinders.)

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