Write a few lines about: The Duma

  • Duma was an elected consultative Parliament. 
  • Tsar permitted the creation of Duma during the 1905 Revolution.
  • The first Duma was dismissed by the Tsar within 75 days.
  • Within three months, the second Duma was re-elected.
  • Revolutionaries and Liberal were kept out of the third Duma, which was packed with Conservative Politicians. This was done as the Tsar did not want to dilute his powers and he did not want anyone to question his authority.
  • The main parties of Duman were not consulted during the 1st World War.
  • In 1917, Tsar’s resolve to dissolve Duma was resisted by the Parliamentarians wishing to preserve the Government which was elected.
  • On 25th February in 1917, the Duma was suspended by the Government. Politicians were against this decision.
  • To run the country, a provisional government was formed by leaders of Duma leaders and Soviet leaders after the Tsar was abdicated on March 2, 1917.

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