Write a note on water conservation.


For any living being, water is one of the essential necessities and we can not imagine a life without water. It is the natural resource of our earth and its primary constituent. In the nature of different types of life on the earth, water is the universal solvent and plays an important role. For various functions, like washing, bathing, cleaning, cooking, drinking, and other household and commercial uses, it is commonly utilized.

Water is a material that is colourless and odourless and essential for the survival of living creatures. Water sources, like wells, rivers, ponds, reservoirs, seas, massive dams, and streams, are different. Nearly 70 – 80 per cent of the Earth’s surface, as we all know, is filled by water, of which about 1-2 per cent is pure water and appropriate for human usage.

What do you mean by water conservation?

  • Water conservation refers specifically to the protection, preservation, and regulation of the use of water and its properties.
  • In order to mitigate and prevent scarcity, it is the method implemented to control freshwater, reduce pollution and conserve water and its properties.
  • Therefore we should all build awareness among our own friends, families, neighbours, community, etc. about water conservation.
  • It is really important to conserve water because it protects life on the planet.

Method to preserve water

Several ways to conserve water are available. Here are a few effective and simple methods of safeguarding water

  • When not in use, maintain the tap closed.
  • Test for holes in water supply pipes.
  • For gardening or washing purposes, make sure the rainwater is used.
  • Always calculate how many water buckets are lost in a day and try to minimize it.
  • When washing and cleaning clothing, utensils, etc., do not use more water than required.
  • One of the best techniques used for water conservation is rainwater harvesting. Rather than wasting it, there are distinct approaches used to conserve rainwater.

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